Warehome Studios are comprised of three warehouse units located in beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  When we first built out our space in 2004 with the help of friends and family, we affectionately called it our “warehome”, referring to making our home in what used to be an open warehouse space with concrete walls, devoid of any windows or amenities.  After nearly a year of hard work, we began operating our two businesses in the Warehome: Anderson Ceramic & Design and Grasso Glass & Stone.  Over the years, our passion and dedication to arts have allowed us to expand our businesses to include classrooms and workspace for students, interns and experienced renters.  In 2016, we officially started our classroom and gallery space.

photo of Julie in her studio

photo of Greg in his studio (his other studio)


Julie Anderson

Ceramic Artist & Instructor

Julie's sculptural ceramics work is influenced by the mountain environment and her science background in biology.  She incorporates botany, hydrology, chemistry, ecology and environmental issues into detailed organic forms. Anderson utilizes a variety of methods in creating her art work, including slab building, wheel throwing, slip casting, sprigs and press molds.  She primarily works with porcelain clay.  See Julie's work here.



Greg Grasso

Glass and Stone Artist

Greg Grasso is passionate about the outdoors, having spent years as an alpine climber and guide after leaving art and design school.  Greg began pursuing stone and glass work more than 15 years ago, later discovering that stonework runs in his Italian family.  See Greg's work here.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to provide high-quality studio space to community members and visitors.   We strive to create a welcoming and collaborative environment where all levels of artists can be involved.  We believe diversity in age, race, gender, experience and knowledge help to form a healthy artist community where the exchange of knowledge flows freely.  We hope to provide a challenging yet supportive environment for artistic growth within the studio arts medium. 

Facility Info

Warehome Studios is a creative space made up of 3 warehouse units. The first unit serves as Julie's ceramic studio and Greg's stone shop. It also houses the artists upstairs. The second unit is used as material and stone storage. This is also were you can find the large gas-fired kiln. The third unit is split into three sections; the ceramics classroom, the glass studio and upstairs is the Gallery @ Warehome Studios.


  • 8 potter’s wheels
  • TNF 28 L&L digital electric ceramic kiln
  • Smaller L&L digital electric ceramic kiln
  • 20+ Cubic foot gas-fired cone 10 reduction kiln
  • Small propane-fired portable raku kiln
  • 1 cubic foot Paragon digital test kiln for ceramics and glass
  • Scutt electric glass kiln
  • 3’ x 6’ clamshell electric glass kiln with car-kiln base
  • 16” Brant Slab roller
  • Fully vented Laguna Spray booth
  • 1 HP air compressor for spray booth
  • Fully-stocked glaze lab

Additional Equipment (not directly available for students)

  • 5 ton fork lift
  • 10-hp compressor 
  •  Pneumatic tooling for coldworking and stone polishing