Hope Ellis, former Warehome Studios intern

Hope Ellis, former Warehome Studios intern

Studio Internships 

About the Program

We understand the importance of gaining valuable work experience in the studio arts.  College students and recent graduates are often in need of space to create and opportunities to see how artists' studios and classrooms operate on a day to day basis.  We have been hosting interns for nearly ten years, even before we formally established Warehome Studios.

Our internship terms can last from 3 to 12 months with the possibility of continuing for longer if the opportunity arises.  We have developed long-term friendships with many of our past interns and we love to stay in touch and see where life takes you after being in our studio space.  We view the internship as a mentoring process and a life-long relationship.   

One of the greatest benefits to working as an intern at Warehome Studios is to be immersed in a true working studio outside of the academic world.  We utilize a variety of materials and have many years of experience as creative business entrepreneurs. We also work in the building trades and offer a sound understanding of how to be responsible business owners collaborating and engaging with designers, architects, dealers, galleries, contractors and other clients.  

An internship at Warehome Studios is a work/exchange program and is currently only available in ceramics, but interns will gain some exposure in the glass and stone studio when projects are available.  Please see our About Page for some of our available equipment and the work we produce. There is no formal compensation for the internship, however there may be occasional paid opportunities in teaching and other areas depending on skills.  We ask that interns can commit to 10 hours per week to their studio duties on a regular basis plus additional time to create your own artwork.  We would also love to see you work on your own projects another 8-10 hours a week if you have the time.  Shelf space and a shared classroom studio are provided for the interns.  Most clay and glaze materials and shared firings are provided for interns as well, depending on the scale of work.  We typically use white stoneware, porcelain or buff clays only and prefer to avoid iron-based clays in the studio.

To help foster artistic growth and technical processes, we offer the opportunity to review/critique the artwork our interns are producing along the way in the studio.  These reviews can be scheduled at the request of the intern.  We strive to create a welcoming an non-intimidating environment that promotes creativity and a real-world understanding of the business of art.


Applicants must have a minimum of 2 college-level semesters of ceramics classes or the equivalent.  We would be delighted if you have a BA or BFA in ceramics or a related field, but we also accept interns who studied in other fields, but still have significant ceramics experience.  Interns should be self-motivated with a strong work ethic and the ability to adapt to variety of situations.  We prefer people who are kind, fun and friendly with the ability to get along well with others.  See more information about us here.

This is Purple. She will love you.

This is Purple. She will love you.

We also have really sweet studio cat named Purple, so please beware if you are seriously allergic to cats.  So far, we have never had any trouble with students or interns with allergies to the cat - she is part Russian Blue and may be somewhat hypoallergenic.  She mostly hangs out in our warehouse apartment or outside.


Interns will be responsible for a wide variety of tasks in the studio and business/office.  Since we love to teach, we are always happy to train interns in the use of all programs, processes and tools, but some experience or willingness to learn is a must. 

Studio projects are never ending, so interns will gain a sound understanding of what it takes to operate a classroom, gallery and studio. Projects may include clay and glaze mixing, kiln loading and firing in the electric and gas kilns, studio cleaning, gallery show hanging, photography and some teaching/assisting of adults and students.  There will also be some heavy lifting of materials and use of power tools on a regular basis. 

We have a full photography lighting and backdrop setup for professional quality images.  Interns will also assist with photography and uploading artwork on Etsy and our other websites.  Additional business projects range from marketing for classes, updating our Square Space website and adding names to our mailing list in Mail Chimp.  

Housing and Life in Steamboat Springs

Steamboat is a beautiful mountain town with a very active and physically fit population.  There are many hiking and biking trails as well as a world-class ski area.  The arts in Steamboat are growing steadily, as the Steamboat Springs Arts Council continues to pursue designation as a Colorado Creative District. There is also a new non-profit arts organization called Young Bloods Collective, which is helping to provide exhibition and performance opportunities as well as critiques for younger artists.  We highly recommend that you become involved in one or both of these organizations.

Like many mountain towns, finding affordable housing can be difficult in Steamboat Springs.  You can expect to pay $600-$1200 or more per month for housing.  We may be able to provide a temporary place to stay until you find longer term housing, but it will depend on the time of year.  Since the internship is part time, we hope that you have enough time to work another part time job to pay for expenses if needed.  There are many jobs available in the service industry as well as construction and landscaping in the summer.  We may be able to assist you in finding a part time job, but please understand that your internship and art making are serious time commitments as well. 

Warehome Studios is situated on the west end of town, about two miles from downtown Steamboat Springs.  There is a free bus that operates within a quarter mile of the studio.  Our roads are also biker friendly and there is a nice paved bike path running from the mountain/ski area through downtown to the west end of town.  If you find housing within city limits, you may not need a car at all, but it would be helpful to have a vehicle to get around outside of Steamboat.

As for pets, we love animals and Steamboat is a pretty dog-friendly town.  However, having a pet makes finding housing even more difficult.  We also ask that you do not bring your dog to the studio.  Some dogs are better behaved than others and we have had issues in the past with “dog drama” in our neighborhood (AKA the Warehood).  Please think ahead when getting a pet or bringing one with you to Steamboat Springs.

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